Access Jax

Learn more about Access Jax’s mission to transform services provided by the Collaboration to fully meets the needs of survivors of domestic violence who are Deaf or who have a disability.

Miami Inclusion Alliance

Learn more about the Miami Inclusion Alliance’s work to create change to systemic structures, policies and procedures and their desire to guide the work with persons with disabilities.

Keystone Partnership

Keystone Partnership’s work is focused on the communication barriers and language needs of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, specifically for people with disabilities and Deaf people.

McNeff’s Open Doors for Survivors with Disabilities

Learn more about McNeff’s Open Door for Survivors with Disabilities through their mission, vision, and work process, built on building organizationalĀ building organizational awareness and improving systemic response to create lasting and sustainable change, through which to better serve survivors with disabilities.

Triumph Omaha – Planning Documents

Learn more about the mission of Triumph Omaha, to create a system of person-centered, coordinated care for individuals who access mental health, substance use and domestic violence services.

Project P.A.U.S.E. – Planning Documents

Learn about the mission, vision, and work process of Project P.A.U.S.E., focused on improving services for domestic violence survivors with neurological disabilities.

ARISE Agency Resource Guides

Albany Respects Individual Safety through Empowerment (ARISE), a collaboration located in Albany, NY, developed individual guides for the staff of the organizations involved in the collaboration. These guides are intended to support staff in navigating the partner organization in order to make appropriate referrals for survivors.

ARISE Safety Planning Guide & Tools

This guide and accompanying tools was develop to guide both domestic violence advocates and direct care professionals in creating safety plans with survivors with disabilities. Tools include checklists, and questions and considerations for safety planning at work, school, or at home.

ARISE Brochure

This brochure was developed by Albany Respects Individuals through Empowerment (ARISE), to educate and inform their community and the individuals employed by their respective organizations, about the work being done to address violence against people with disabilities.