How One Mother’s Battle Is Changing Police Training On Disabilities

Reposted from NPR. By Meg Anderson Original Post Working with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, like Down syndrome or autism, can be complex and challenging even for those with years of training. But one group — law enforcement — often encounters people with these conditions in high-stress situations, with little or no training… Read more »

A New Podcast: “Dismantling Racism and Ableism – Centering the Margins”

A new podcast from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence features a conversation with Renee Lopez, a disability rights activist, about the importance of centering the voices of people of color with disabilities in the work for social justice and collective liberation. Listen to the new podcast here. 

How Can We Address Violence Against Women and Girls with Disability?

Reposted from Devex By Lisa Cornish Original Post CANBERRA — At the Global Disability Summit in July, governments, NGOs, multilateral institutions, and more vowed to help address the issue of violence facing people with disability. Gender is an important factor in heightening risks to people with disabilities, as is age. Children and the elderly are among the high-risk… Read more »

Empowering communities of color with disabilities

 Reposted from Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder News Online Original Post By: Kenneth Brown Alison Canty and Mai Thor are two of the persons working to increase the awareness of civil rights to persons of color with disabilities and the general public. Together, they have convened a group for people of color with disabilities to address the many complicated… Read more »

It’s almost Valentine’s Day: Let’s talk about intimacy

Reposted from The Durango Herald  Original Post By: Tara Kiene   Love it or loathe it, it’s coming: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a whirlwind of romance, fancy dates, chocolates, flowers. Or it’s a sad reminder of the lack of intimacy in our lives. The topic of intimacy and adults with intellectual disabilities can be… Read more »

In Their Own Words: People With Intellectual Disabilities Talk About Rape 

Reposted from Brinkwire and NPR Original Post  By Brinkwire     Somebody with an intellectual disability by definition has difficulty learning, reasoning or problem-solving. But many often think deeply about the things that affect them — and the things that isolate them, like sexual assault. As part of its investigation into the hidden epidemic of… Read more »

These Intellectual Disability Sexual Assault Statistics Will Alarm You

Reposted from  Original Post By: Lauren Holter The #MeToo movement shed a light on how pervasive sexual harassment and assault are in the United States and abroad, but the most vulnerable haven’t yet become part of the conversation. According to new statistics, people with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at a higher rate than almost any… Read more »