Crime Victim Services of Allen and Putnam Counties

Lima, Ohio

Crime Victim Services (CVS) is a comprehensive victim services provider, serving Allen and Putnam Counties in Ohio. Since 1985 they have been providing comprehensive victim services operating programs that specifically address the needs of survivors domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, as well as expanding to reach specific populations such as children and people with disabilities.

In 2008 (CVS) began work to include social and justice services to people with disabilities who are also victims of crime. The goal of this program is to restore safety, justice, healing, and restitution to those who have experienced victimization.

Our Unique Contribution

Crime Victim Services is equipped to serve survivors with different types of disabilities. In addition to addressing linguistic and physical barriers, their services build relationships with local law enforcement to increase the response and service delivery to victims with mental health concerns. The program is also currently implementing a variety of assistive and augmentative communication devices in their services so that these devices are mobile and accessible in the field and will increase their ability to provide linguistically and culturally appropriate services to survivors with limited English or disabilities.

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Crime Victim Services of Allen and Putnam Counties

Stephen Jenkins, Outreach Victim Advocate

Phone: (419) 222-8666

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