Movement for Access, Safety & Survivors

Boston, Massachusetts

Movement for Access, Safety & Survivors (The MASS Collaboration) is a collaboration between the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Boston Center for Independent Living, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police.  Their collaboration strives to create sustainable systemic change within and between the member organizations so that survivors/victims of  sexual violence with disabilities in the Boston area have access to quality services that promote safety, empowerment, and healing.

Our Unique Contribution

Boston’s public transportation system is one of the oldest in the country and is widely used by people with disabilities. One of the unique aspects of the MASS Collaboration is their work on how to create a public transportation environment that is safe for survivors/victims of sexual violence and people with disabilities, including ensuring that reporting mechanisms are accessible. They have developed a tool to help assess these forms of safety and assessed and developed plans for improvements in these areas. The MASS Collaboration is also increasing the skill and comfort of MBTA employees to work with survivors/victims with disabilities through information and trainings on topics such as responding to a report of sexual violence from a survivor/victim with a disability and how to secure wheeled mobility devices in a manner that is safe and empowering to customers.

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Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

Shelley Yen-Ewert, Disability Project Director

Phone: (617) 649-1287
TTY: (617) 492-6234

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