Project Peer

Washington, District of Columbia

Project Peer is a collaboration between Quality Trust, Anchor Mental Health, District Alliance for Safe Housing, the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the DC Rape Crisis Center, the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute, Project ACTION!, and Ramona’s Way.  In 2007 this diverse group of local service providers came together to improve service access and quality for women with developmental disabilities and/or who are living with mental illness, who have experienced domestic or sexual violence.  Each of the organizations brings their unique experience working in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault, disability, and the intersection of all.

Our Unique Contributions

The Power and Control Wheel has been a tool utilized by advocates as a way to help explain the different tactics that perpetrators use against their partners since 1984. Finding that these tools inadequately captured the experience of individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health issues, Project Peer created a plain language and picture version of the popular Power and Control Wheel, developed by and for women with developmental disabilities and mental health issues.

Contact Us

Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities

Judith Karsevar, Project Director

Phone: (202) 657-3327

At a Glance

    Project Reach

  • Local

    Agency Type

  • Disability Organization
  • Domestic Violence Program
  • Rape Crisis Center

    Disability Focus

  • Developmental
  • Intellectual/Cognitive
  • Mental Health/Psychiatric

    Victimization Type

  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sexual Violence

    Solutions Implemented

  • Building Partnerships
  • Enhancing Services
  • Promoting Equality
  • Raising Awareness
  • Strengthening Prevention

This project is supported by the Office on Violence Against Women’s Training and Services to End Violence Against Women with Disabilities Grant Program.