The Right Response

Los Angeles, California

The Right Response Collaborative is comprised of six partner agencies, the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc., Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles Police Department, Peace Over Violence, Rainbow Services, Ltd. and the Westside Center for Independent Living. Each of the community-based organizations provides direct support and advocacy services and came together to create a sustainable and seamless system of appropriate response and services to victims/survivors within the City of Los Angeles.

Our Unique Contribution

The Right Response Collaborative worked to improve services to survivors who are deaf or have disabilities by co-clienting and working together to meet every possible need. Building the capacity among victim-services and disabilities-services agencies and expanding options for treatment, prevention and healing. The project highlights the issues and needs of the target population through outreach, training and education for law enforcement, battered women’s shelters, rape crisis centers and disabilities agencies. Collaboration and partnership are emphasized in planning and service provision. The impact of the Right Response Collaborative include additional shelter options for battered women who are disabled or deaf, disabilities agencies that are better able to recognize the needs of their clients who are victims of violence, and more culturally and linguistically appropriate intervention and prevention options available for women who are disabled, abused and/or assaulted.

Contact Us

Peace Over Violence

Peggie Reyna, Project Director

Phone: (213) 955-9090
TTY: (213) 585-2683

At a Glance

    Project Reach

  • Local

    Agency Type

  • Criminal Justice Agency
  • Deaf Organization
  • Disability Organization
  • Domestic Violence Program
  • Dual Program

    Disability Focus

  • Cross-Disability

    Victimization Type

  • Caregiver Abuse
  • Child Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Stalking

    Solutions Implemented

  • Building Partnerships
  • Enhancing Services
  • Fostering Accountability
  • Increasing Research and Evaluation
  • Promoting Equality
  • Raising Awareness
  • Strengthening Prevention