Westchester Safe Access

Elmsford, New York

The Westchester Safe Access Collaboration consists of the Victims Assistance Services of Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc., the Westchester Independent Living Center, and three Westchester County government entities: the Office For Women, the Office For the Disabled, and the Department of Community Mental Health. Members of the collaboration have worked together in the past and have come together to build on those relationships and address the problem of sexual and intimate partner violence as it affects persons with disabilities.

Our Unique Contribution

Westchester Safe Access is striving to create a safe, accessible, culturally competent and compassionate response to sexual and domestic violence for persons with disabilities.

Contact Us

Victims Assistance Services of WestCOP

Rebecka Palmer, Project Director

Phone: (914) 345-3113

At a Glance

    Project Reach

  • Local

    Agency Type

  • Disability Organization
  • Dual Program
  • Local or State Government

    Disability Focus

  • All Disabilities

    Victimization Type

  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sexual Violence

    Solutions Implemented

  • Building Partnerships

This project is supported by the Office on Violence Against Women’s Training and Services to End Violence Against Women with Disabilities Grant Program.