Our Projects

Fostering Collaboration and Building Capacity

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Since 2005, Vera has been developing a comprehensive menu of technical assistance resources through our Accessing Safety Initiative. By providing intensive consultation and training we are supporting federally funded community collaborations to develop the knowledge, skills, and resources to offer accessible and welcoming services to survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors…. Read more »

National Training to End Violence Against People with Disabilities

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In 2008, using Vera’s extensive network of experts, a wide variety of resources, and a collection of emerging best practices, we developed the Bridging the Gap Training Academy and Resource Center. The goal of the training and resource center is to promote accessible and welcoming services for survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors…. Read more »

Fostering Self-Advocates as Leaders to End Violence

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Self-advocates are essential in the violence against women field, and expanding its reach to survivors with disabilities. To support their leadership in the field, Vera is working to develop curriculum for self-advocates nation wide to provide peer support to individuals in their communities who have experience violence and abuse…. Read more »

Exploring the Needs of Male Survivors with Disabilities

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While research and advocacy has made strides to understand violence in the lives of people with disabilities, much of the work has focused on the experience of women with disabilities. In response to evidence that men with disabilities experience violence at significantly high rates, Vera is working to better understand the needs of male survivors with disabilities…. Read more »

Measuring Organizational Capacity to Serve Survivors with Disabilities

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Important to the work of organizational and social change is the ability to track its progress. Vera, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women, developed a set of performance indicators for disability organizations, domestic violence programs, and rape crisis centers to track their progress to improve services for survivors with disabilities…. Read more »

Examining Criminal Justice Responses to and Help-Seeking Patterns of Sexual Assault Survivors with Disabilities

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Sexual assault against people with disabilities is a critical and neglected issue. To better serve sexual assault survivors with disabilities it is essential to learn more about the criminal justice outcomes and their help-seeking experiences. To this end, The Vera Institute is partnering with the National Institute of Justice and other community stakeholders to conduct a first of its kind national study. … Read more »