CVS Publication

Measuring Capacity to Serve Survivors with Disabilities: Performance Indicators

Equally as important as removing barriers to serve survivors with disabilities is collecting data to track your progress and effectiveness. Use these performance indicators, developed by the Center for Victimization and Safety, as a straightforward and cost effective way to track your progress to end domestic and sexual violence against people with disabilities…. Read more »

Sexual Abuse of Children with Disabilities: A National Snapshot

Children with disabilities are three times more likely than children without them to be victims of sexual abuse, and the likelihood is even higher for children with intellectual or mental health disabilities. These children face many challenges in reporting the abuse and receiving vital services designed to meet their needs. Without receiving support, these children… Read more »

Forging New Collaborations

Between 2006 and 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women funded the development of collaborations between victim services and disability organizations in more than 40 communities to ensure people with disabilities who have experienced domestic or sexual violence have the community-based supports and criminal justice responses they need to heal. This… Read more »

Center Overview

The Center on Victimization and Safety helps states and localities expand and improve their approach to victim services. Our efforts in this area range from hosting national conferences and issuing reports to providing technical assistance tailored to meet the needs of a particular community. This overview provides more information about our work…. Read more »