Training Materials

Accessibility Training Videos

This video training series includes six instructional videos about how to make your electronic and web-based materials accessible for survivors of violence with and without disabilities. We discuss and demonstrate accessibility elements including: Font style, size, and spacing Alternative text for images and visuals Color contrast Organizing information in order Plain language, simple language, and… Read more »

Building the Foundation Training Series

Building the Foundation is a collection of recordings designed to provide collaborating organizations, funded by the Office on Violence Against Women’s Disability Grant Program, with foundational information critical to creating an optimal environment for exploring the intersection between violence against women, disability, and the Deaf community. Content includes research and statistics, best practices and resources,… Read more »

Serving Deaf Survivors Training

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The Bridging the Gap: Creating a Community of Support for Deaf Survivors conference took place in 2013. The conference, designed for victim service professionals, including domestic and sexual violence program personnel, covered topics such as communicating with Deaf survivors, safety planning, and outreach. Program Serving Deaf Survivors Program Serving Deaf Survivors Program – 18 pt… Read more »

Interpreting Effectively and Safely for Deaf Survivors Training

This two-day training was designed to prepare American Sign Language Interpreters and Certified/Deaf Interpreters to interpret in contexts involving sexual and/or domestic violence. Agenda topics included: violence in the lives of Deaf survivors, self-care, trauma, ethics, language, and safety training and planning. Participants had the opportunity to explore how context impacts language decisions, to define… Read more »

Cultivating Your Evaluation Capacity Webinar Recordings

Research has shown that an organization needs to have a number of elements in place before it can begin a meaningful evaluation. These elements include a culture that promotes learning and improvement, staff commitment and support for evaluation and an understanding of how change is expected to occur within your organization, among others. This webinar… Read more »