Building the Foundation Training Series

Author: Center on Victimization and Safety
Publication Date: October 2015

Building the Foundation is a collection of recordings designed to provide collaborating organizations, funded by the Office on Violence Against Women’s Disability Grant Program, with foundational information critical to creating an optimal environment for exploring the intersection between violence against women, disability, and the Deaf community. Content includes research and statistics, best practices and resources, as well as opportunities for change. While these recordings were designed for grantees, the content can be useful for any service provider, advocate, or organization looking to increase their understanding of the intersection of violence against women, disability, and the Deaf community.

PLEASE NOTE: While the information in many of these presentations is important, it can at times be graphic in the language and examples used. Please practice positive self-care. Need ideas for self-care activities? You can find some good ideas in our “Self-care Resources” box.

  • Sexual Violence 101: A primer for those new to this issue. Foundational topics related to the violence against women movement are reviewed in this presentation, including the history of the movement, basic definitions and principles, the impact on survivors, and the role of service providers.
  • Understanding Domestic Violence. Several foundational topics are reviewed in this presentation, including the history of the domestic violence movement, the dynamics of domestic violence, the impact on survivors, and the role of service providers. 
  • Disability 101: A Disability Primer for Grantees. Intended for professionals with little to no experience in the disability services field, this presentation provides basic information including the history of disability in the United States, the philosophy of the disability rights movement, basic disability etiquette, and the use of People First Language.
  • Understanding and Engaging with Deaf Culture: An introduction for those new to working with Deaf survivors (Coming Soon!)
  • Serving Survivors with Disabilities and Deaf Survivors. When serving survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors there are many unique dynamics that arise. This presentation will address some these dynamics, how they impact service delivery systems, and strategies for removing barriers.
  • Safe and Accessible Collaboration Meetings. This presentation will guide you through some of the basics of creating a safe and accessible meeting environment as a way to be inclusive to survivors, people with disabilities, and Deaf individuals.
  • Creating a Collaboration Charter. The Collaboration Charter is often used to pro-actively address issues that arise when working in a collaborative environment. This presentation discusses the collaboration charter and its elements.
  • Planning to Implementation: Creating your strategic plan. Content of this presentation focuses on the process for developing the strategic plan and highlights the range of initiatives that can be included in implementation.
  • Moving Hearts, Changing Minds. The focus of this presentation is presenting and using the findings of the Needs Assessment. Examples of past grantees work are given to highlight successes in cultivating commitment to organizational change.