Offer On-Going Training For Staff and Volunteers

Disability organizations dedicate significant resources to building the knowledge and skill set of staff to increase their capacity to understand and meet the needs of the people they serve. To effectively address domestic and sexual violence, staff also need to build their knowledge and skill set regarding abuse of individuals with disabilities, including how to effectively respond to disclosures of abuse and connect people with victim services and other resources.

Resources You Can Use

  • Our Rights, Right Now: Guide for Disability Service Agencies. Illinois Imagines, a statewide collaboration of disability, sexual assault, and self advocates, developed this guide to give staff of disability organizations a fundamental understanding of the issues and needs faced by victims/survivors with disabilities. It includes activities, handouts, and key considerations.
  • Project SAFE Training Manual. This manual was created by Project SAFE in Suffolk County, NY to train victim service and disability organization staff on dynamics of domestic and sexual violence and its intersection with disability. It includes foundational information about violence against women, the disability movement, and working with individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Intersection of Rape/Sexual Assault and Disabilities PowerPoint. This PowerPoint, designed to accompany the Project SAFE Training Manual, provides foundational information for disability organization staff on sexual assault, including unique dynamics of sexual assault against survivors with disabilities and how to respond effectively to survivors with disabilities.
  • Life at the Crossroads: Understanding Domestic Violence and its Intersection with Disability PowerPoint. This PowerPoint, which accompanies the Project SAFE Training Manual, provides staff of disability organizations a foundational understanding of domestic violence, including the unique dynamics and barriers faced by survivors with disabilities.