Conduct an Accessibility Review

Victim service organizations prioritize safety in their service design, but many haven’t designed their services to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. A formal access review process, conducted on an annual basis, can help violence against women organizations identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Resources You Can Use

  • Haywood County Accessibility and Safety Audit Tool. The H.O.P.E. collaboration of Haywood County, NC created this tool to assess disability and domestic violence organizations’ accessibility, safety, and ability to provide a welcoming environment to survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors.
  • Northern Utah Accessibility and Environment Assessment. The Northern Utah Choices Out of Violence collaboration created this tool to evaluate the accessibility of organizations serving survivors with disabilities. It includes aspects of programmatic, physical, and attitudinal environments to determine how welcoming an organization is to survivors with disabilities.
  • Safety First Initiative Accessibility and Responsiveness Tool. Developed by the Safety First Initiative in Kansas City, Missouri, this tool and the accompanying scoring instrument assess organizational capacity to serve survivors with disabilities. Designed for victim service and disability organizations, the tool addresses trauma-informed practices, staff knowledge, and resources, among other aspects.
  • ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities. The New England ADA Center created this checklist to help organizations determine the accessibility of their physical facilities for individuals with disabilities. This helpful checklist can be downloaded as a fill-able form and contains images and measurements.