Tailor Outreach to People with Disabilities

Once your organization has taken the steps to increase its capacity and is prepared to support survivors with disabilities, it’s time to let the community know. Indicate your commitment and ability to serve survivors with disabilities in outreach materials. Ensure that your outreach and community education efforts reach places frequented by individuals with disabilities and account for the unique realities of their lives.

Resources You Can Use

  • Project EMERGE Brochure: You Have a Right to be Safe. This brochure, created by Project EMERGE in Onondaga County, NY, provides an overview of what abuse is and where to find help. It includes unique dynamics faced by survivors with disabilities who are abused by parents, partners, or caregivers.
  • Safety First Initiative Brochure: You Have a Right to be Safe. Created by the Safety First Initiative in Kansas City, MO, this brochure offers information on how to create a safety plan in a domestic violence situation and includes considerations for people with disabilities.
  • Illinois Imagines Poster. This poster, created by the Illinois Imagines statewide collaboration, depicts women with disabilities and includes the words “Stop Sexual Violence Against Women with Disabilities.” Such a poster could be posted in a sexual violence or disability organization, indicating that it is a safe place to disclose abuse.