Selecting a Platform

In order to provide accessible webinars, the webinar platform must be accessible and the individual/s moderating the webinar should be mindful of the following guidelines. There are several features that impact the accessibility of a webinar platform, which many platforms lack. The most critical of these features are integrated captioning, screen reader compatibility, and offering multiple ways of communicating with and engaging participants.

  • Integrated captioning means that the captioning appears within the webinar platform and does not require users to open a separate web link. Integrated captioning burns the captions into the recording, making your recording accessible for future use.
  • A screen reader is a software application that allows the user to read the content that is displayed on the screen with a speech synthesizer or Braille display. This interpretation is then represented to the user with text-to-speech, sound icons, or a Braille-output device. When designing an accessible webinar, you must choose a platform that is compatible with screen readers.