Create new opportunities.

Events dedicated specifically to the issue of abuse of people with disabilities serve to shine a powerful spotlight on this issue. You can host discussions on this topic within your workplace to raise awareness, helping your colleagues understand how this work intersects with and impacts the people the organization serves. You can also create posters and educational materials specific to this issue that you distribute within the community. With a small amount of resources and strong partnerships, you can also want to create a public event that invites the larger community to learn directly from individuals with disabilities about their experiences.

Host Events at Your Organization


Convene an Issue-Specific Task Force

Some organizations have created task forces comprised of champions and experts to cultivate and maintain awareness about this issue among their stakeholders. Task forces serve an important role within organizations as they can ensure that this issue becomes and remains a priority. Task force members raise the issue on the individual level and a collective level within the agency. A few promising task forces include the National Council on Independent Living’s Violence & Abuse Task Force, Delaware’s Victim’s Rights Task Force’s Disabilities Subcommittee, the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities’ Child Abuse Prevention Task, and the Ohio Domestic Violence Network’s Abilities Caucus.

Support Legislative Action Days

Many organizations sponsor legislative action days in an effort to raise their issues to policy-makers and some of those organizations have begun incorporating abuse of people with disabilities into their agendas for these events.