Jannette Brickman, Senior Program Associate

Jannette Brickman has been involved in domestic violence policy, reform, or direct service since 1992. She joined Vera in October 2010 as a Senior Program Associate. Jannette provides training and technical assistance for the Accessing Safety Initiative, providing training and technical assistance for grantees of the Disabilities Grant Program. Since joining Vera, she has also provided training and technical assistance for the Supervised Visitation Initiative, which provided training and technical assistance for what is now the Justice for Families Grant Program (formerly Safe Havens). She has worked with dozens of communities around the country for both grant programs, assisting grantees in their development and implementation phases of their grants.
Jannette has also worked on the Translating Justice Initiative, where she worked in collaboration with outside partners to create a robust language access training curriculum to address the needs of crime victims who are Deaf and hard of hearing and who possess limited English proficiency.
Prior to joining Vera, Jannette served as a systems advocate for the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence and as
the Executive Director of the St. Louis Family Violence Council, which ran the St. Louis Family Justice Center. Jannette
was also a staff and senior attorney at the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Family Violence Department. While at NCJFCJ, Jannette focused on delivering technical assistance related to full faith and credit of protection orders, paying particular attention to custody and firearms provisions. Jannette was the primary author of A Guide to Effective Issuance and Enforcement of Protection Orders and was the lead staff person to plan and implement the first national conference on firearms and domestic violence.
Jannette has worked in shelters, transitional housing units, and the Fulton County Solicitor General’s office in Georgia.
Jannette received her JD from DePaul University College of Law, her MA in Counseling from John Carroll University, and her BS in Journalism from Boston University. She is currently licensed to practice law in Colorado, and volunteers her
time at Colorado Legal Services representing victims of domestic violence in order of protection hearings and dissolution of marriage proceedings. (Email)