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Creating and Maintaining a Safety Net for Survivors with Disabilities

Advocates working within domestic violence and sexual assault programs often connect survivors with other benefits such as welfare and affordable housing to bridge the gap from living with abuser to living on their own. When serving survivors with disabilities, there are additional services that a survivor might need assistance accessing, such as federal disability benefits… Read more »

A Toolkit for Supporting Empowering and Safe Personal Care

The goals of A Toolkit for Supporting Empowering and Safe Personal Care is to help people who employ personal care attendants and PCAs to talk about boundaries in intimate personal care and to provide information and resources for responding to sexual violence. This toolkit was created by the MASS Collaboration and employers of PCAs, with input from PCAs. … Read more »

Violence Against People with Disabilities and Deaf People 101

Research has shown that some people with disabilities experience increased risk of domestic and sexual violence compared to people without disabilities and that those that do experience such violence reported a larger number of perpetrators and a greater duration of violence. In this webinar, Vera staff will explore some of the unique complexities of violence… Read more »

Understanding the Legal Framework: Federal Laws and Case Law Impacting Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations.

Survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors need the services of domestic violence and sexual violence organizations at the same rate, if not more often, than people without disabilities. However, these organizations are not always sure how to best ensure that they are providing appropriate services to these survivors or what they are required to do under the… Read more »

In Their Own Words: People With Intellectual Disabilities Talk About Rape 

Reposted from Brinkwire and NPR Original Post  By Brinkwire     Somebody with an intellectual disability by definition has difficulty learning, reasoning or problem-solving. But many often think deeply about the things that affect them — and the things that isolate them, like sexual assault. As part of its investigation into the hidden epidemic of… Read more »

Justice Department Reaches Agreement with Denver to Improve Accessibility

Reposted from The Department of Justice: Office of Public Affairs Original Post The Department of Justice today announced an agreement with Denver, Colorado, to improve access to civic life for people with disabilities.  The agreement was reached under Project Civic Access (PCA), the Department’s initiative to ensure that cities, towns, and counties throughout the country comply with… Read more »