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Hearing Advocates in Deaf Justice: Reflections on Allyship

Diverse group of hearing, Deaf, and Deafblind people sitting in a circle talking with ASL, protactile sign language, and English

Nearly 71% of the United States does not have "for Deaf, by Deaf" advocacy services available to Deaf survivors of domestic and sexual violence and communication and cultural barriers commonly exist in hearing domestic and sexual violence programs for Deaf survivors. As a result, many Deaf survivors have nowhere to turn for help. To close these gaps, hearing allies must join with Deaf communities to advocate for change.

This webinar features two hearing allies who are working closely with and in Deaf communities – Amber Hodson, Empowerment Director at DeafHope and Nancy Smith, Executive Director of Activating Change – in conversation with Liam Esposito, a Deaf Project Director at Activating Change. We will explore their journeys toward allyship, including how they got started, the principles that guide their allyship, and practical suggestions other hearing advocates can take. Importantly, we will also discuss the importance of recognizing their own privilege and leveraging that privilege – which include access to information, funding, and connections to policymakers and funders – to support Deaf advocates and Deaf advocacy.

Join us for this conversation to get started on the path to allyship.

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Nov 28
From: 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
Zoom: Online Meeting

Communities of Focus:
Deaf/Hard of Hearing
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