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Centering Survivors with Disabilities in Your Organizational Policies Part 2: Disability Organizations

When survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors engage with your organization, they are necessarily engaging with the policies that guide the delivery of your services. Failure to account for the lived experiences of survivors with disabilities in your organizational polices results in delays in service provision, confusion among staff about what is allowed, safety concerns among survivors, the provision of inadequate or unsafe services, or the denial of services completely.
How would your disability organization respond? Would you be prepared to address the safety needs of a survivor whose personal care worker or staff member is the one hurting them? What about when the survivor and the person who has hurt them are both receiving services from your organization? Do your mandatory reporting policies create a barrier to survivors reaching out to you for help?

This webinar will examine policies that disability service providers should have in place, including serving both the survivor and person who is abusing them, mandatory reporting and addressing safety when staff and/or personal care workers are implicated as the abusive party.

Aug 30
From: 2:00pm - 3:30pm EST
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