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Neurobiology of Trauma in People with Disabilities

Medical professional in a white lab coat and light blue scrubs looking at a film of brain scans

Research consistently demonstrates that people with developmental disabilities are at increased risk for adverse life events, abuse, and trauma. Yet, little has been done to understand how trauma impacts the neurobiology of people with developmental disabilities despite there being body of research and practice dedicated to understanding the impact of trauma on the brain and nervous system.

During this webinar, Dr. Frederika Theus – a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating people with developmental disabilities – will discuss how to adapt trauma-informed practices to meet the needs of survivors with developmental disabilities. She will contrast what is known about the neurobiology and impacts of trauma in people without disabilities and people with developmental disabilities. She will explore the implications of using a trauma-informed approach with people with developmental disabilities and provide practical suggestions for how to adapt trauma-informed responses to better meet the needs of these survivors.

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May 28
From: 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
Zoom: Online Meeting

Communities of Focus:
Developmental Disabilities
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