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The Fundamentals of Language Access Planning for Deaf People

Deaf woman seated wearing a mask speaking to a female sign language interpreter

Research on victimization within the Deaf Community suggests that Deaf individuals living in the United States have higher levels of domestic and sexual victimization than their hearing counterparts. Despite these higher rates of domestic and sexual violence, Deaf survivors face barriers that prevent them from getting help. Language access planning is a solution designed to remove the barriers that Deaf survivors face and ensure that they receive culturally responsive services.

This webinar is designed for victim service providers and allied professionals and will provide an overview of how to create a language access plan specifically for Deaf survivors or to expand the plan your organization already has in place to include Deaf survivors. We will outline a process you can use in your organization to create this plan along with key questions for you to consider as you develop a plan tailored to your organization’s and your community’s specific needs. We will also discuss practical strategies to help your organization remove the barriers that Deaf victims and survivors routinely face when accessing services and help you to create more accessible and culturally responsive services. We will also showcase and make available a new resource, “Developing A Language Access Plan to Serve Deaf Survivors,” which is a robust guidebook outlining exactly what your language access plan should entail, and how to successfully implement it in your organization.

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Jun 12
From: 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST
Zoom: Online Meeting

Communities of Focus:
Deaf/Hard of Hearing
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