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Understanding Violence in the Lives of People with Disabilities: The Impact of Racism and Ableism

photo of an older Black woman with salt and pepper hair holding an arm brace/crutch while sitting down

Research has shown that some people with disabilities experience an increased risk of domestic and sexual violence compared to people without disabilities and that those who do experience such violence reported a larger number of perpetrators and a greater duration of violence. When survivors with disabilities reach out for healing services, they often face barriers and ineffective assistance. The causes of these high rates of violence and the barriers faced by survivors with disabilities are rooted in systemic oppression. This webinar will explore domestic and sexual violence in the lives of people with disabilities and how our society creates the conditions for abuse in this community. In particular, our presenters will discuss how racism and ableism intertwine to marginalize and dehumanize people with disabilities. The webinar will provide foundational information we will build on throughout the year as we continue to explore some of the particular areas of interest at the intersection of violence and disability.

Join us for this insightful webinar, as our guest Cierra Olivia Thomas Williams, and Olga Trujillo, Director of Leadership Development and Collective Healing with Activating Change explore the unique dynamics of violence in the lives of people with disabilities. This will include a focus on what you can do to help make your program and community more accessible.

The full webinar and reference materials are available in our resources.

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Feb 27
From: 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
Zoom: Online Meeting

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