Interpreting Effectively and Safely for Deaf Survivors Training

Author: Center on Victimization and Safety
Publication Date: 2013

This two-day training was designed to prepare American Sign Language Interpreters and Certified/Deaf Interpreters to interpret in contexts involving sexual and/or domestic violence. Agenda topics included: violence in the lives of Deaf survivors, self-care, trauma, ethics, language, and safety training and planning. Participants had the opportunity to explore how context impacts language decisions, to define ethical decision-making in contexts involving domestic or sexual violence, and to learn tips for keeping safe in these contexts.

Training Materials

The Curriculum, PowerPoint, and other training materials are provided for use by American Sign Language Interpreters and Certified/Deaf Interpreters, and by anyone who is working to develop a similar training. The training utilized this domestic and sexual violence signs video, one of many videos created by DeafHope.

Downloadable Files