Budgeting for Access Tip Sheet

When planning events—meetings, conferences, roundtables, seminars, etc.—there are accommodations necessary to ensure that attendees with disabilities and Deaf attendees have complete access to the venue and the event’s presentations and materials. Although many
modifications and accommodations have little-to-no cost, some accommodations do. This tip sheet is designed to provide you with information and cost estimates so you can incorporate those considerations into funding proposals and budgets for your event. Including accurate
estimates for common meeting expenses and specific disability accommodation line items in your budget is essential to meeting your obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) and creating a welcoming environment for attendees with disabilities and Deaf attendees.

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Published on:
January 1, 2014
Resource Type:
Tip Sheet
Intended Audience:
Administrator/Funder, Disability/Deaf Services Provider, Technical Assistance Provider, Victim Services Provider