Violence Against People with Disabilities and Deaf People 101

Research has shown that some people with disabilities experience increased risk of domestic and sexual violence compared to people without disabilities and that those that do experience such violence reported a larger number of perpetrators and a greater duration of violence. In this webinar, Vera staff will explore some of the unique complexities of violence against people with disabilities and Deaf people, barriers to access to effective criminal justice and victim services responses for survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors, and opportunities for change in the field. The webinar will provide foundational information we will build on throughout the year as we continue to explore some of the particular areas of interest at the intersection of violence and disability

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Published on:
February 28, 2017
Resource Type:
Communities of Focus:
Dating and Domestic Violence, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Developmental Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Health Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Sensory Disabilities, Sexual Assault
Intended Audience:
Disability/Deaf Services Provider, Victim Services Provider