Compensation Considerations for Self-Advocates Receiving Government Benefits

Vera’s Center on Victimization and Safety believes that people with disabilities and Deaf people are experts in their own experiences. One way to ensure that the perspectives of people with disabilities and Deaf people are incorporated into the movement to end violence against people with disabilities is to make sure that they are meaningfully involved in the work and valued for their expertise. However, there are specific considerations organizations should think about when compensating self-advocates. Vera developed this tip sheet to provide basic information on some government means-tested benefit programs for people with disabilities, and to explain the potential effects that receiving compensation may have on these benefits. The tip sheet also guides readers to additional resources for people with disabilities and their advocates.

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Published on:
April 1, 2018
Resource Type:
Tip Sheet
Intended Audience:
Administrator/Funder, Disability/Deaf Services Provider, Self-Advocate, Technical Assistance Provider, Victim Services Provider