• Serving Survivors of Sexual Assault with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    Each April, we come together to pause, to reflect, and to uplift the experiences of sexual assault survivors. Please join us as we honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a conversation centering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) who...
  • Nothing About Us Without Us: Centering the Movement Around Self-Advocates

    This webinar provides an overview of how to facilitate the effective participation of self-advocates at the intersection of violence and disability as well as some of the benefits of ensuring that the movement is centered around their lived experiences
  • Compensation Considerations for Self-Advocates Receiving Government Benefits

    Vera’s Center on Victimization and Safety believes that people with disabilities and Deaf people are experts in their own experiences. One way to ensure that the perspectives of people with disabilities and Deaf people are incorporated into the movement to...