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A laptop, tablet and phone are on a table. Each of them are displaying a registration form. The questions on each form are not legible.

Leveraging Registration

This course will help you design event registrations so you can collect the information you need to meet the access needs of your event's participants. Through this course, you will learn how to select an accessible survey and forms platform to use for registration, the questions to ask to understand the access needs of participants, how and when to ask those questions, and what to do with the information you gather.

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An Asian woman with short hair and glasses stands at the front of the room teaching a group of people. There is a flip chart next to her with text, reflecting the key points of her lesson. There are bookcase filled with books behind her.

Working with Presenters

In this course, you will learn how to support presenters and faculty so they can actively support an accessible learning environment. You will learn how to expand your current contract template to include expectations regarding accessibility, include key information and guidelines on accessibility to include in your presenter/faculty orientations, and provide additional tailored support to presenters before and during an event.

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A stack of booklets

Creating Accessible Materials

This course is designed to provide you with the skills needed to develop accessible materials, including selecting the right font, ensuring an appropriate color contrast, and constructing a reading order that is accessible. It will also cover how to use the built-in access features of software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

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A black man wearing a white and blue button down shirt and glasses is sitting at a table. He is watching a webinar, wearing headphones for sound, and taking notes in a notebook.

Creating Accessible Online Engagements

This course will help you ensure your virtual engagements (virtual conferences, webinars, and online courses) are accessible. You will learn how to select an accessible video-conferencingplatform or learning management system, how to integrate accessfeatures into online training, and how to structure and staff onlinetrainings to best support access.

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A person is keying buttons on a calculator. Papers with graphs are on the table. A person is pointing to the graphs. The two individuals are reviewing or preparing budgets.

Budgeting for Accessibility

This course will provide you with information on average costs for common access features and accommodations; help you estimate access costs for your project; and provide guidance on how to include and justify these costs in grant applications.

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A group of people of different races, but predominately Black women are sitting around a table. Many of the people have their laptops open in front of them. Their attention is to the front of the room, and one person has their hand raised.

Creating Accessible In-Person Meeting Spaces

This course is designed to help you select an accessible city and venue, design an accessible meeting room set up for the size and purpose of your event, and leverage signage and wayfinding to help attendees navigate your meeting space with the greatest ease.

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Raylene Lotz, a white Deaf woman with short hair, is providing remote sign language interpretation. She is signing into the webcam on her laptop. Her phone is also on her desk and is displaying video from her team interpreter. A monitor is also on her desk showing content from the event.

Providing Sign Language Interpretation During Events

This course is designed to help you provide qualified interpretation during in-person meetings and conferences, as well as live and on-demand virtual trainings, and embed interpretation in video-based resources.

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