Meeting the Needs of Autistic Survivors

Autistic people live in a society that was not designed for them: one in which they are often forced to conceal who they are and are unable to receive the accommodations they need. When autistic people also experience victimization, they are more likely to experience barriers to accessing services, stigma, and a fundamental misunderstanding of their needs from the systems set up for justice and healing.

This webinar, featuring Max Barrows of Green Mountain Self-Advocates and Kaitlin Shetler of the Vera Institute of Justice, addresses the barriers autistic survivors face in seeking healing services following sexual and domestic violence and ways in which service providers can better meet their needs.

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Published on:
October 27, 2020
Resource Type:
Communities of Focus:
Dating and Domestic Violence, Developmental Disabilities, Sexual Assault
Intended Audience:
Victim Services Provider